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DOL Doctor For Easier Injury Claims

  • September 5, 2016

    DOL Doctor For Easier Injury Claims

    Having a job is one thing to be thankful for in your life. Not everyone has the chance to get a job. So if you are one of these lucky people who had the chance to get a stable job, then be thankful. No matter how hard and difficult your work is, you should still be grateful and appreciative for the things you have. Remember, having a job is far better than not having at all. Your job will definitely help you with your expenses and everyday expenditures.

    However, no matter how careful you are, there are times you met misfortune such as accidents. Well, accidents happen everywhere. This is something everyone does not want to happen but cannot be avoided. If you are employed and the accident happened inside your workplace, then you can file injury claims to your company.

    This is one advantage of having a job aside from health benefits they are mandated to provide to each and every employee. Now the question is who can help you get your injury claims? Well, in case your claims are denied, you still have the option to ask assistance from Department of Labor Doctor or popularly known as DOL Doctor.

    Why Do I Need To Have A Treating Doctor?

    Filing an injury claims always needs a doctor or a treating physician. Surely, your company has its own insurance to handle this matter. Normally, insurance has a list of accredited physicians. Your company’s insurance policy might have only one doctor to handle your case.

    So from the time you met an accident, you must immediately notify your company so they can forward your claim to their insurance. From here, the insurance company will handle your case. As mentioned, the result of your injury claim depends on the observation and examination of the treating physician.